Choosing A Good Exterminator

You want to make sure that the exterminator you work with does a good job and that your home is protected from pests as much as possible. However, you probably have questions when trying to decide on who to call to tackle your pest problem, such as the amount of experience the company has, their overall effectiveness, and of course whether they are reliable. Here’s what to look for:


The regulatory office in your state should be able to tell you just what qualifications a locally based pest control company should have; once you know that, you can make sure the exterminator is actually qualified. Make sure the exterminator is qualified and experienced to carry out a particular job, as different qualifications are sometimes needed for different jobs.

Having a certified entomologist on the company’s staff is a useful thing to check on, along with whether they are familiar with the techniques of Integrated Pest Management. This means that the process of getting the pests out of your home will use as few toxic materials as possible, and instead focus on more scientific methods. Regular renewal is needed to maintain certification as a certified entomologist, meaning you know the company is up to date with the latest training and any new guidelines put in place.


Your family or friends may be able to recommend the pest control company they use and explain why they would recommend them.

And remember that the exterminator will be spending time in your home, meaning that you want to work with someone who is reliable, respectful and honest, as well as able to explain the process clearly to you. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable or anxious when the exterminator is going through your home and perhaps looking at your valuables or closed-off spaces. The experience is much more positive if the pest control company is respectful, professional, and presentable.


Of course, it’s important that you are getting your money’s worth from any pest control service, which means shopping around and comparing costs before making a final decision. As well as choosing a pest control company that you can afford, you also want one that is reliable and will get the job done safely and efficiently; it may be worth it to pay a little more for reliability and expertise. A reliable extermination company is also upfront when it comes to their fees and charges, and will be able to give you a written estimate that’s specific to your pest situation. If you don’t understand the charges or you don’t get a written estimate, that may be a red flag.

It’s especially important to shop around to make sure you get a fair rate for the work carried out if you are a landlord who owns more than one property and is having the work carried out in several places. The pest control company you choose should be able to meet all your needs, regardless of the number of affected properties.